PPAs for new generators

If you are developing a new renewable generation project, selling your power is just one of many things you have to think about - particularly if energy isn't your core business. A partner that knows the market can make this process easier to navigate and help you get the best possible deal and service.

Our experienced team will assist you from the planning stages right through to when you start generating, providing the support you need to secure your revenue stream.

  • Choose a fixed or flexible Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to suit you requirements
  • Secure competitive prices from the leading purchaser of independent renewable generation
  • Get your project connected to the grid quickly with our dedicated, experienced team
  • Receive your power payments on time every month backed with dedicated customer service
  • Know your power is going to a sustainably-focused organisation from the supply-side of our business

Interested in battery storage? We developed the UK's first commercial agreement for a battery project (UK Power Networks 6MW battery) so we are experienced in this emerging market.

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Helping you get started

We've been helping generators sell their power since 2001, and with 3GW portfolio of over 600 projects, we have experience across all commercialised technologies. Whether your generation project is your main focus or something on the side of your main business, we can help you find the right PPA. We also have a track record of supporting innovative projects, such as shared grid connections and creating bankable deals for developing technology.

We can also buy your Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) and Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs), and give you competitive rates for the embedded benefits earned by distribution-connected generators.

You will have a dedicated Account Manager who knows you and your project, supporting you along the journey to start generating. Our commitment to service doesn't end once you project is up and running - you get paid on time, we resolve any queries quickly and we provide ongoing support to help you understand the complex energy market.

Championing independent renewables

We believe independent renewable generators are a key part of the shift to a low carbon energy landscape and we work hard to represent the voice of our customers. Our Energy Entrepreneurs Report, published annually, recently highlighted that the sector is continuing to grow, with a record rise in the number of new projects coming on stream in 2014 and investment during the year exceeding £400m – more than £1.1m per day.

We also supply renewable electricity to large organisations and we see demand growing rapidly as sustainability moves up the agenda, which is great news for the renewable generators we work with.

Read more about working with us below, or contact the team to discuss your requirements.