Inquiry launched into energy infrastructure investment

Inquiry launched into energy infrastructure investment

MPs are to look at whether the UK Government needs a new approach to bring forward investment to deliver a low carbon, low cost energy system and secure energy supplies for the long term.

The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee has launched the inquiry in the wake of recent decisions by Hitachi and Toshiba to halt new nuclear projects at Wylfa and Moorside and concerns over how the UK’s ‘nuclear gap’ for low carbon electricity can be filled.

The inquiry will examine the...

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Greater support urged for community energy

Ministers must redesign the energy market with communities in mind, according to a new report and manifesto.

A group of 20 community energy and associated groups have drawn up the manifesto as a response to the UK Government’s consultation on the design of the future energy system.

The campaigners said at least 66 community energy projects had collapsed or stalled during 2017 following the Tory government’s slashing of subsidies.

Signatories to the manifesto include Community Energy England,...

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Plans for domestic carbon trading system underway

Energy Minister Claire Perry has told MPs that the UK Government is drawing up plans for a domestic emissions trading scheme (ETS) to be introduced in January 2021.

Speaking to the House of Lords’ European Union (EU) Energy & Environment Sub-Committee, Perry said the UK’s system would begin operating at the end of the EU ETS’s current phase in 2020.

The plan would need agreement from the EU but Perry is confident of winning approval because the UK is a “big provider of liquidity.”

She said...

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Most employees unaware of energy saving practices at work

Nearly 60% of workers don’t know if their employer has an energy saving plan, according to a survey.

Only 4% of staff think that saving energy is important for their workplace, compared to 37% thinking computers and other technology were important.

Half of employees admitted that they didn’t turn off their computer and screen at the end of the day.

While 92% of energy managers thought their colleagues would be able to identify them as the decisionmaker, only 49% of staff actually could.


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Renewables group raises concerns over EV charging network

The Renewable Energy Association (REA) has called on companies installing public electric vehicle (EV) charging points to make it easier for customers to switch between different systems.

In a new report, the trade body warned that consumers currently need different apps, cards and sometimes membership accounts in order to swap from charger to charger.

Instead, the REA wants to see greater “inter-operability.”

The UK Government has previously laid out ambitions for the country to lead the way...

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More details on Capacity Market top-up auction

The Government has published more details on its plans to stage a T-1 Capacity Market top-up auction this summer.

The auction, which aims to secure the ‘top-up’ capacity required for delivery year 2019/20, will be held by rearranging the T-1 auction that was previously scheduled for January before the Capacity Market was suspended following a European court ruling.

The Government said it understands the need to hold the auction as soon as possible, and currently expects to be able to schedule...

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05/03/2019 - Sector Round Up

Shell to buy Limejump

Technology firm Limejump, which manages one of the largest portfolios of batteries in the UK, has been sold to Shell.

Last year Limejump became the first company to be given permission by Ofgem to enter its “virtual power plant” system of batteries into National Grid’s Balancing Mechanism market.

The deal comes just days after Shell also bought German household energy storage system developer Sonnen.

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AI boosts wind efficiency by a fifth


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In-depth investigation launched into Capacity Market

The European Commission (EC) has opened an investigation into the UK’s Capacity Market following November’s court ruling that led to its suspension.

The EU Court’s ruling came following a legal challenge brought by Tempus Energy which argued the scheme gives an unfair advantage to fossil fuel generation over demand side response technologies.

Commissioners have already appealed against the court’s decision.

The EC said: “The commission’s investigation will focus, in particular, on the...

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Ban on new gas boilers urged to meet emissions targets

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has called for the UK Government to ban the installation of gas boilers and hobs in homes within the next six years.

The advisory body said the steps were needed if the country was to hit its legally-binding carbon dioxide emission reduction targets.

Instead, the CCC’s latest report said new homes should be heated with low-carbon sources of energy.

The committee said emissions reductions from the UK’s 29 million homes have stalled, while energy use in homes ...

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Innovation paves way for renewable growth

Aggregators, blockchain and “time of use” tariffs are among the innovations that the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) believes must be employed in order to integrate variable renewable energy sources into the power grid.

In its latest report, the agency identified 30 key innovations and 11 innovative solutions – from utility-scale batteries through to pay-as-you-go models – that would help the world to meet its carbon dioxide emission reduction targets.

Adnan Amin, the agency’s...

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