Autumn budget signals time for renewables sector to stand on its own

Autumn budget signals time for renewables sector to stand on its own

In this week’s Autumn budget statement, it was announced that there will no new support for renewable projects until 2025. Chief Commercial Officer, David Cockshott, explains why he’s still optimistic for a renewable future.  

Renewable energy has achieved many milestones this year, most notably the first coal-free day in the UK since the Industrial Revolution and the ‘greenest summer ever’.

While renewable generation has been growing, technology costs have been falling. In September 2017, we...

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DSR – let’s make it simple!

DSR is a complex space. As the energy landscape is rapidly shifting to a more flexible, dynamic and localised system there is an increasing responsibility for businesses to get involved in DSR to support the grid.

If your business has the flexibility to manage your assets or shift processes away from peak times, you could access a new revenue stream and make significant cost savings on your electricity bill.

But, how do you know where to start? SmartestEnergy has simplified the process in four...

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The next big opportunity for sustainable companies

With COP23 coming to a close this week, the world’s attention has again focused on the need to tackle climate change.

Recent figures show that levels of CO2 in the atmosphere increased at record speed last year and just last week, the World Meteorological Organization revealed that 2017 is set to be one of the three hottest years on record.

While Governments have led the activity at COP23, the business community were also out in force just as they were at COP21, collaborating on how they can...

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Battery storage: Taking away the training wheels

Following Aurora’s Battery and Flexibility Conference last week, Boz Bozhkov, Head of Markets in our Asset Optimisation team, discusses how storage can continue its growth while facing new revenue challenges.

This year we have seen renewable energy contributing more to the UK’s electricity supply than ever before, with almost 30% of electricity coming from renewable sources in the second quarter of 2017.

Alongside this great progress towards decarbonisation comes the new challenge of balancing...

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Partnering with energy consultants to drive the energy revolution

Energy consultants have a crucial role to play in the rapidly changing UK energy system. Nathan Dad, Head of Channel Development, assesses the latest opportunities to hit the market, following our Annual Consultant Conference last week.

In an ever more complex and volatile UK energy system, energy consultants are critical to providing the strategic support for businesses to navigate the changing energy landscape.

Our Annual Consultant Conference is a chance for us to develop relationships,...

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Could you achieve a better power price with a trigger-based PPA?

Our recent Power Shift report looks at how generators should switch from fixed Power Purchase Agreements to longer-term structured hedging strategies to get the best revenues in a changing energy market. Chris Smith, Head of Renewable Sales, highlights the potential revenue gains in light of recent market volatility.

Over recent years, the landscape for independent generators has changed rapidly, with subsidies and embedded benefits being reduced and wholesale markets becoming complex and...

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Hammerson sets the bar high with ambitious 2030 sustainability targets

Hammerson, the owner, manager and developer of European retail destinations worth more than £10 billion, has ambitious sustainability targets set for 2030. Kate Neale, Environment & Energy Manager, explains how choosing our Certified Renewable product has helped contribute to their goals.

Why has your business chosen to be supplied by renewable electricity?

When Hammerson first made the decision to be supplied by 100% renewable electricity it was because it helped us to reach our target of...

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Call for corporates to ‘bring energy to life’

Living Grid has released a new video this week calling on businesses to get involved in the energy system. Head of Marketing Mike Shirley discusses why we are supporting this initiative and the opportunities for businesses to be more active participants.

There is an undeniable shift happening in the UK's energy system, a revolution even! As with all revolutions, there will be winners and losers - those that embrace the new normal and those that get left behind.

A growing number of companies in...

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National Grid proposals could fast-track energy revolution

Following the recent release of National Grid’s ‘System Needs and Product Strategy’ consultation, Head of Markets Bozhidar Bozhkov, explains why this is good news for the future energy system.

The UK is currently experiencing a transition period as our fossil fuel dependence shifts increasingly towards renewable energy.

While this is great news for decarbonisation, it has created unprecedented challenges for National Grid to balance the system and fully utilise all the renewable generation...

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Unlock the energy revolution with DSR

Speaking at Edie Live last week, Head of Marketing Mike Shirley, said the UK energy revolution is already happening now. Here he discusses how smart businesses are seeing demand response (DSR) as the next chapter of energy efficiency.

Many industry experts are saying that an energy revolution is on the horizon for the UK. But we disagree - we think it’s actually already happening and the time is now for smart businesses to get involved.

Companies well-placed for the revolution are the ones that ...

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