Demand response services

As we transition to a decentralised system, business energy users have a responsibility to be more active and flexible with their electricity consumption to help National Grid maintain the balance between supply and demand.

Demand Side Response (DSR) provides opportunities for your business to unlock value in your flexible assets by reducing or shifting electricity use away from peak demand.

We provide a simple and low-risk route to ancillary and energy markets to help you secure additional revenues and make significant cost savings on your energy bill.

Identifying flexibility in your operations

Our experienced team of engineers will visit your site to complete a no-commitment site survey. We’ll identify your flexible assets and processes and discuss your operational parameters to agree an achievable level of reduction suitable for you. This will allow us to match your assets to different markets depending on how quickly your assets can respond and how long for.

We are also able to aggregate capacity into various grid schemes enabling smaller assets to provide a response as part of a portfolio which meets the minimum criteria.

Optimising revenue opportunities

Once we have identified your flexibility, our team of market experts will provide an optimisation plan to achieve the best economic returns. This will include selecting and allocating against the most suitable markets based on your agreed parameters, including ancillary and wholesale markets. We will ensure that now and in the future, as opportunities change, you are in the most effective markets.

On-site control technology 

An energy router will be installed on-site to connect your flexible assets to our aggregation system. We will monitor availability and demand in real-time and dispatch your assets based on an agreed communication plan. Our energy router monitors system performance and enables two-way, sub-second communication to our energy management centre.

More information

Are you interested in DSR but not too sure how to get started? Find out how Saint-Gobain UK started their DSR journey with Triad management and are now participating in the Capacity Market.

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Watch our latest webinar to find out how your business could take advantage of additional revenues in new and emerging markets as the energy landscape continues to change.


We are always looking for new ways to support businesses in the changing energy system, so please get in touch if you would like to discuss the DSR opportunities for your business.

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