Our Demand Side Response service helps businesses with flexible operational demand become smarter consumers of electricity - turn your energy consumption into a revenue-creating asset, avoid costly peak charges and play your part to support the grid at times of stress.

Secure cost savings and an additional revenue stream

  • Receive capacity payments for providing flexibility to National Grid
  • Gain a steady revenue stream - you will be paid even if you are not called on to turn down your demand
  • Stack revenues from balancing and energy to maximise returns
  • Reduce expensive peak charges on your supply such as Red Band Distribution Use of System (DUoS) and Capacity Market charges

Define a reduction plan to suit your business operations

  • Agree an achievable level of reduction without impacting your operations
  • Flexible options available for full year or time banded participation
  • On-site metering and communications equipment installed and tested for you
  • Monitor your DSR performance using our intelligent software, SourceMonitor

Work with an experienced supplier to simplify the process

  • Rely on us to enter your dynamic demand into the Capacity Market
  • Avoid the risk of performance penalties for under-delivering your agreed capacity by joining our portfolio
  • Achieve savings on your energy costs by participating in DSR through your supplier
  • Expert support from our DSR team when an action is called and 24/7 availability throughout the program period

DSR: The next chapter of energy efficiency

If your business has already implemented all the usual energy efficiency initiatives, you might be wondering to do next? DSR is the new chapter of energy efficiency. Its benefits are both financial and sustainable - reduced energy costs, access new revenue streams and a lower carbon energy system.

Watch our recent webinar to learn about the revenues available from DSR, options for participation, and how secure initial investment by building sustainability into the business case.


Contact our team here to find out how your business can get involved in DSR.